Thanks to the vendors and guests

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Thanks to the vendors and guests

Postby shadowopal » Fri Apr 18, 2008 10:07 am

I'm not sure how many vendors and guests are on here. But, this seems like a good place to say thanks. I also sent some emails to those who helped populate the goody bags (WHICH ROCKED!!!).

Thanks to Graham McNeil for coming over from across the pond and putting up with my Fan Boy ways and signing ALL of the game books and novels he's worked on. A very patient man and a very fun guy to talk to.

Thanks to Phil Kelly for also putting up with my Fan Boyish ways and also signing a big stack of books as well as poviding some really interesting sessions. I still can't believe we managed to bring up Daoism in a session. Another fun guy to chat with.

Thanks to 40K radio for chatting a little bit with me and being a sponsor and helping Adepticon get the word out and doing an excellent job with their show.

Thanks to all the vendors for supporting the show. It was great to have such a wide selection of goodies to make my wife mad at me.

Big thanks to Black Library for stuffing our swag bags with THREE books! Very cool.

Another Big Thanks to Felix Paniagua for putting his great Dwarf Berzerker model into the swag bag as well. 2 Awesome minis (the adepticon demon and the Avatar of War Berzerker) in one bag! I just wish he had someone with a booth at the show so I could have pissed my wife off even more :). If you haven't check out his stuff, you're missing out.

All the sponsor who provided prize support NEED to be thanked. Make sure you guys write some emails to these people to let them know you appreciate their support. And make sure to give them some business when you can. Adepticon would always be a cool con. But, the prizes and support these companies give make it AWESOME!!!!!
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Postby muwhe » Fri Apr 18, 2008 11:32 am

Well said ..

Let our vendors know that the support is appreciated.

If your buying stuff for an army you plan to play at AdeptiCon let them know that...

If your buying some models for a game you demo'd at AdeptICon let them know that...

Our marketing and prize support team does an outstanding job of working with the vendors but they certainly could use the help and knowledge that these vendors are getting the sort of feedback from our attendees.
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Postby Matthias » Fri Apr 18, 2008 11:45 am

Enough cannot be said about the sponsorship and support this year. The marketing team did an amazing amount of work and it really showed. So many great companies went well beyond the call to provide upwards of $40,000 is prize support (a coincidence? I think not!). Every year I say to myself - no way is that going to be topped only to be proven wrong. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant job and a million thanks to all the sponsors.

A complete list of 2008 sponsors can be found on the front page of

Phil and Graham were simply all around great guys and their attendance was easily one of the best parts of the convention for me this year.
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Postby knitemare » Fri Apr 18, 2008 12:02 pm

I would love to buy the pieces of the army I want to build for WAB from a sponsor, but none of them have what I'm looking for. I'm not buying it today, so maybe one of them will get it before I need to buy it.
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