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Postby flatlanderboss » Thu May 01, 2008 1:13 pm

Stompa = 600 pts

MekBoy Stompa = 650 pts.

For +50...its SO MUCH a better unit.
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Postby muwhe » Thu May 01, 2008 1:33 pm

What I'm saying is, and this keeps getting missed by most of you is this.

Some of the rules for Apocalypse were used in the Gladiator. This game "addition" was meant for BIG games of 40k, not 2k points. I know that the Gladiator is about the fun stuff, so why not just include the rest of the Apoc rules?


I'm not missing it. I understand your position. What I think your missing is that "part" of the Apocalypse rules are suppose to replace the previous Forgeworld rules. I think that is pretty clearly defined. There are other aspects of the rules that deal with running big games of "Apocalypse". Those rules are the what makes Apocalypse ...

We adopted all the rules needs to use the Forgeworld models. That's it. So while it's debatable .. I think in the new rules Super Heavies got better, GMC got a bit worse, and flyers got a bump .. under the previous rules I think they got the short shaft.

I also don't think your whining. Feedback is always a good thing and just as I try to understand your position I hope you understand that it's not all or nothing with the Apocalypse rules. Because in a couple months or maybe a year .. on the GW side Apocalypse will be a distant memory but the Forgeworld stuff will keep on being produced and used.

Just will all aspects of the convention. We will look at it. Every year we look at what worked well and what didn't. Believe me .. I was bracing for major Forgeworld issues with the Gladiator this year because of all the uncertainity. In the end it was way better than I expected. A few Trygons brought using IA: III rules and a few Baraccuda brought not using the Apocalypse rules. A few minor list changes and golden.

As for you example sure .. pretty ugly. But that year I drew Parker. Round 1: for me nothing to shoot.
Round 1:For him eat all kinds of dark lances and shove the wyches into my grill.

Mekboy Stompa = nasty .. but it will be interesting to see what people may bring to deal with it. I got some ideas.
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Postby Redbeard » Thu May 01, 2008 1:36 pm

Until you fight the head-to-head matchup, where the stompa should kick the mek-stompa's butt.

Nothing is clearcut. To some extent, everyone is guessing and hoping for matchups.

Are you designing an army to kill the superheavies that are out there? Are you designing an army to kill the 'standard' armies? Are you trying, as I did, to exploit the people who are metagaming towards fighting the titans?

Winning at a tournament the size of adepticon is a sign of a good player. The competition level is high. Losing, however, is not a sign of a poor player. Getting your ass handed to you because you got the short straw end of a matchup doesn't mean anything except that you're not getting a prize this year. It's the nature of the tournament, and it happens just as much in the no-forgeworld-allowed championships as it does in the gladiator.

I played my orks against a very small, elite Templar's army fielded by a very competent player, on the mission that required us to collect beads at the center of the table. He had no chance - much like your eldar versus the stompa. I then played an all-skimmer eldar army against a necron destroyer fleet in the championship, and I had no chance. It happens.

Sometimes you're the bat, and sometimes you're the ball.

Forgeworld being allowed or disallowed does not affect that statement.
Strategems being allowed or disallowed does not affect that statement.
Formations being allowed or disallowed does not affect that statement.

I think the missions will be shaken up more than enough by the introduction of 5th edition. Adding apocalypse strategems (which, are included by default with formations) is complicating the picture even more. Maybe in 2010. 2009, I think, should focus on bringing the gladiator format into 5th edition specs, and providing more IA-like clarifications for the Forgeworld models from the Apoc. Book.
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Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Thu May 01, 2008 2:57 pm

Poor example. You can be tabled on turn one with APOC or FW. In the Ard Boyz events I tabled 2 opponents on turn 1 simply by going first. One was a Chaos army and the other was an Eldar army.

In the Stompa example, if the Eldar go first the game is completely different. If the Eldar player plays the Stompa in game 4 it sits in reserve for half the game and the result is completely different.
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Postby Redbeard » Thu May 01, 2008 3:31 pm

In the greater scheme of things, does it really matter if you table someone on turn 1, turn 4 or turn 6? You get 32, they get 0. Winning your choice of table edge on a table with inequal terrain, or winning your choice of going first or second are just more random factors.

You can be tabled on turn one as the player with FW, or as the player using the FW. If a 12+ darklance DE list goes first against a stompa, odds are the stompa goes boom, and takes out a lot of stuff near it. If the stompa goes first, it can kill off how many of those warrior squads?

It's the gladiator. Whether you lose in one turn or six, whether you lose because you went first or second, or because the mission was the 'screw big stuff' or not - a lot of it still comes down to luck of the draw.

The winner of the gladiator is the person who both gets favourable matchups, and who is a good enough player to be able to maximize their opportunities to get points in those missions. There's really nothing that can be done to change this. With this many variables, this many players, and only four rounds, there are going to be a lot of losers who played well. There are going to be a lot of losers who were knocked out because they lost the first turn in one game. There are going to be losers who had to play on tables with terrain unfavourable to their armies. And there will be losers who lost to FW models. Oh well.
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Postby Nidzilla517 » Thu May 01, 2008 10:15 pm

[Honestly the hardest part was attempting to make sure everyone had the current rules... thanks Yakface for your work on that... and I think this year we will defintely have a "cheat" sheet. Your fielding a Trygon -> Current rules in the Apocalypse book. Etc..

Gladiator 2009 .. one word .. *REAVER*[/quote]

I think that is a great idea with the newest set of rules sheet. I ran into that problem and didn't use my Trygon the way it needed to be because of the datasheet change, i.e. no mass pts.
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Postby stormboy97 » Sat May 03, 2008 12:00 pm

Its part of the fun of the Gladiator? This is the first year it was used. Im not sure how the history of Adepticon Gladiator was based on something that just got introduced.

Its fine if it stays, but if you cant bring something big, the likelihood of winning is very, very low.

I played bill in round four with max points with zero forge world
3 years in a row going 3 win 1 lose with no forge world
brian got secound place by one point with zero forge world

forge world dosn't mean you auto win
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Postby stormboy97 » Sat May 03, 2008 12:22 pm

2500 points is the way

It let's you bring forgeworld or bring enough to counter it.
what happens to that reaver if it dosn't go first with true line of site terrain and a marine has that lascannon landraider, bom gone.

what would have happened to that stompa if bill's 30 genesteelers got to it with rending
hell a normal marine army with 500 more points can bring how many more lascannons?

2500 will balance it out and I had 170+ models and never ran out of time.

start at 1000 or 1100 and have the games last 2:45 and that should be enough
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Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Sat May 03, 2008 1:15 pm

I alos like the idea of raising the points to 2500pts. If you include a FOC reclassification on some FW units I think it would result in some great variety in the top lists.
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Postby Centurian99 » Sun May 04, 2008 12:03 am

Go to the new thread! Now with poll!


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