2009 Gladiator Planning/Comment Thread #2

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If the Gladiator becomes a 2500 point tournament, I will...

...have no problems fielding a 2500 point army - bring it on!
...violate rule #1 online, but would purchase/assemble/paint the extra models I need.
...not play in the gladiator, when I would if the points remained at 2000 points.
...not play in the gladiator. Of course, I would never play in the Gladiator anyways.
...wait to see what Fred Fortman does and follow his lead. WWFD.
...wait to see what Marc Parker does and follow his lead.
...complain, because there's still no way for me to field a warlord titan with a bazillion D-weapons and still take two troops and an HQ..
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Postby Nidzilla517 » Sun May 11, 2008 3:25 pm

Inquisitor_Malice wrote:When I play with guard conscripts, I typically grab 3 to 5 per deployment move, which allows full deployment of a 50 man unit in a minute. The same goes for any horde army. Unless they are Chris Borer painted minis (which 99+% of horde armies aren't), you should not be worried about moving them in this manner.

As far as exact measurements on horde movement, the majority of players will have some flexibility with this. The only time that I ever make exact measurements besides the first few guys is when it is close to charge ranges, the models that make up the outside perimeter of the horde mob in the direction that they are heading and any special guys (ie: rokkits, nobs, commissars, etc). In this way you can grab at least 2 to 3 guys per move.

Also placing models just outside of your deployment zone while your opponent is deploying helps to decrease your deployment time. I do this all the time no matter what army I have.

Greg, I have to agree with you concerning moving horde armies. I usually set them on the table edge while the other oponent is setting up his. I also try to move the first row to the spot and then just follow up in a relatively close manner. I will usually move the last row also just to see how far up they are moving, then everyone else fills in the gap. It's usually pretty fast. I never timed it, but I spend more time thinking then moving.
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