Apparently I am famous

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Apparently I am famous

Postby langstraad » Sat May 10, 2008 7:26 pm

During the first round of the Team Tourney there was a loud, shouting disagreement.

That was me.

Now that the latest Grad school semester is over I had the chance to go gaming again. While visiting Hobbytown in Brookfield, WI several people indicated hearing about some guy screaming, etc... I explained that would be me and gave my version of what happened.

To recap:

During round one our opponent was beating us like a red headed step child. I saw an opportunity to move a tactical squad between two piranhas. There was about 3.25" inches of space between bases. The piranhas were mounted high and the marines would always be 1" away from the Piranha model and their bases. From a birds eye view the marines would be within 1" of the perimeter of the model. As I do not know how this would work out I waved a judge over and privately asked him what he thought. He indicated I could go ahead. At this point I had not relayed what I was thinking to my opponent, no reason to stir the pot until I knew.

My opponent immediately began argueing with the judge.

I called over a second judge. That judge agreed with the first. My opponent began argueing with both judges.

At this point we have crossed over past civilized behavior. As much as I appear to be a reasonable, husky bundle of nice guy... I am not. I hate unreasonable, bullying people with a burning vengeance and will engage in socially unacceptable behavior with rapidly escalating hostility. This will happen instantly and without warning.

When my opponent slid the two models closer together while this discussion was raging was not the right way to resolve this either.

Fortunately my opponent realized that the five staffers and Jeff circling us was not good and he de-escalated, shook my hand and let it pass.

We were crushed as I expected and the maneuver had no value on the outcome. Nor did I expect it too. That is also irrelevant.

There are four levelsmethods of 40k play:

Game store kid - basic understanding of game mechanics. Your opponent is unsure of what he is doing and accepts help. Might be a sore loser.

Skilled - countercharge, split charging, layered shooting, setting up mismatches, etc.. Nothing the rule book can't explain and your opponent was competitive but not a dick. Most games are like this.

Jedi Kung-Fu - You don't know what happened to you but the guy explained it nicely and the rule book agrees.

All of the above are accepted, civilized methods of play. The fourth is using intimidation, misdirection, vagueness of play, playing dumb, arguementative, etc.. I am not talking about genuine ignorance. I am talking about being pushy, talking to get your way. We all know what I mean. These are the methods my opponent used to try to get his way.

Midwesterners are famous for 'trying to get along'. Many gamers use this to get an advantage. I don't put up with it, period. If I have to grind the tourney to a halt and risk being ejected that is exactly what is going to happen. Midwesterners are also know for not showing anger, its not accepted. Not me, I'll tell your sociopathic game playing self what I really think of you, loud and clear.

That is my side of it.
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Postby Nidzilla517 » Sun May 11, 2008 3:16 pm

well, I gotta tell you...we, Team CFD, were right behind you when you "lost it". Now, I am between levels of play. And I somewhat heard what was going on. I gotta like your stand. Especially when they tried moving the models closer when you walked away. That is something I cannot toloerate either. MY budy always says..."If you ain't cheatin', You ain't tryin' ". Well, he says that jokingly, but I know that that is NOT how he plays. Especially in moving. This game is all about inches and when someone pulls that crap, it is unacceptable.
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Here is what I saw

Postby sts » Mon May 12, 2008 1:45 pm

You guys were getting beaten to death and you were already frustrated. The point in question was purely academic and I did think the judges call was way out of line so I did ask for a second judge. Maybe I shouldn't have, but I did. However, here is what you missed and what we tried to explain to you while you were raging.

While you were talking to a judge YOUR TEAMMATE, for no reason I can ascertain, reached between the two skimmers to adjust one of your models. In doing so YOUR TEAMMATE bumped my skimmer and spun the back end about an inch or so. I said to him, "...well why did you do that?..." and I reached down to pivot it back to its' original position. At this point you turned back to the table as I was returning the model to its' original position and you immediately flew into the aforementioned rage.
The entire time you were yelling I was calmly trying to explain to you what happened. Unfortunately you were lost in meltdown mode. I even attempted to point you at your teammate (who knew what was going on) and who was standing right next to you telling you to shut up.
Finally, I calmed you down enough to say to you, "...if you can go ahead and make your assault move between the skimmers will you relax and enjoy the rest of the game..." You then immediately chilled out and we played the game out without further incident.
Please let me reiterate.
1) YOUR TEAMMATE for no good reason stuck his paws between the models and bumped them. I pointed this out to him and put the model in question BACK WHERE IT WAS while you were talking to a judge.
2) I did not accuse your teammate of cheating. I attempted to correct his "accident".
3) You completely freaked out and behaved like an ass when it was your own teammate that initiated the incident to begin with.
4) Instead of slapping your teeth down your throat (not for having a meltdown, but for calling me a cheat and a variety of other unpleasant things) I invested heavily in calming you down and bringing you back to the game. The whole time you refused to listen to what happened, even from your own teammate.
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Postby langstraad » Mon May 12, 2008 6:04 pm

Yes we were being beaten, brutally, ruthlessly and efficiently. Team TNA brought drop pods, we knew we weren't walking away with the trophy.

And no that did not put me in a bad mood. In 40k I get the crap kicked out of me regularly. That is well know and screaming is never involved.

There will be no slapping of teeth. At 37 years old I don't throw down.

Yes, I did calm down immediately, virtually instantly. And the game was completed amicably.

I do not recall what all I said in the red haze that was those five minutes. Cheat maybe, any other insults, unlikely. I am not much of a name caller.

If your honor has been slighted I am more than willing to throw down a grudge match. I won't be flying anywhere but if you are in the area I am positive we will have spectators.
"We are going to play this game the way Erik Lange would, vicious and cruel, even the women and children must die" - Barry

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Postby sts » Mon May 12, 2008 6:50 pm

Re-read my post. If anyone involved could be reasonably accused of "cheating" it would be your teammate. I did not accuse him then and I am not accusing him now but his was the only behavior even remotely suspect. Why he was fiddling with the figs is beyond me but that is another issue.

To me there are three issues:

1) I did get fussy with the judges. That is a strict tournament no-no. I should have let the first judges ruling stand regardless of my opinion. My screw-up.

2) Regardless of what transpired, you acted like a complete ass. In retrospect you are probably a little embarrassed and ashamed. You should be. Now you are trying to rationalize your way around a mess of your own creation. Your screw-up. (Once again, please also remember that while your attention was elsewhere YOUR TEAMMATE caused the issue.)

3) My honor (if you want to put it that way) has been slighted. You called me out for cheating. I didn't (re-read my previous post just in case you still don't gleep the sequence of events). You infer the "cheater" tag in your last post by stating that in a game in your area you are "positive we will have spectators".

In reference to a grudge match. I have no grudge. The issues were on your side of the table. From what I observed that day a follow-up game would not yield any better result for you anyway. Whether or not you are a nice guy, you are not a very good player.

When the judges asked me what pissed you off I relayed to them what I typed above. I rationalized you're behavior to them by speculating that you were probably a new-to-the-game player at his first tournament.
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Postby rosco » Mon May 12, 2008 7:26 pm

ok i think i sat on the sidelines long enough. my teammate forgot to move one guy, i figured i'd be a nice person and help him out. yes i nudged your model, on accident. before i could say sorry and move it back you threw me a rather cross look and moved it back yourself. if you didn't notice i'm clumsy and not perfect.

i also recall telling my teammate to shut it, he was making an ass out of himself and trying to explain what happened.
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Postby RichN » Mon May 12, 2008 8:44 pm

How about you guys finish this one in PM.
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