Announcing: The Successors Big Battle Game-Hail Caesar

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Announcing: The Successors Big Battle Game-Hail Caesar

Postby Thogrid » Thu Sep 06, 2012 10:33 pm

With Mike’s planned Dark Age Big game scheduled for the Friday evening slot next year at AC XI, and now the WAB Successors Big Battle Game set for the Friday morning slot, we figured there was a "hole" in between that needs filling. After the discussions earlier this year in this forum about Hail Caesar as a viable rules set, we decided what better way for folks to "see for themselves" how Hail Caesar works than to also host a Successors Big Battle game using the Hail Caesar rules in the Friday mid-day slot (exact times TBD).

This will be an "all figures provided" event, so no need to distract you from your paint table as you work on your WAB Singles/Doubles tournament armies. We just want you to show up with your dice and tape measure and play! We're thinking of up to 9 players for this event. Most of us will probably not have a ton of experience with Hail Caesar, so we see this event being more of a "demo" event than others. If you have at least a little bit of a working knowledge of the HC rules, then we will most likely ask for your help in keeping this game moving. Nonetheless, even if you have no experience but are interested in playing HC, please do sign up.

The game will be (roughly) based on the Battle of Ipsus, 301 BC between the forces of Antigonus One-Eyed and the Confederated Allies of Seleucus, Cassander and Lysimachus. We'll have two, basically equivalent, opposing forces (each roughly works out to be 8400 points in WAB AoA v2). There will be tons of figures on the tables! Our mission is to make this another "display" game show casing the Ancients side of gaming while exposing the players to the Hail Caesar rules.

If you're interested, please post a reply to this topic so we can start to get an idea of the interest in this event. To secure your spot on field of battle, be sure to look for this event and sign up for it when the web cart opens in late October/early November.

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