The Beasts and Model Count

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Re: The Beasts and Model Count

Postby BrentS » Sun Apr 01, 2012 4:31 pm

I had my first opportunity to try out the Great Beast of Gorogoth yesterday. A few things came up during the game and I wanted to ask some questions and get some opinions.

1) Can the Great Beast "Charge" into an enemy model that is already in base contact with a friendly model? This came up during our game where I wanted to use the beast to trample my way into a fight. We played it such that I could do this (as the beast can charge as "normal") and we rolled the "Slam" special rule when the Beast came into contact with the enemy model. (for what its worth, the Slam didn't kill the model).

2) How do handle courage tests for the beast when the army is broken. The rules clearly state that no orc can leave the Howdah while the beast is alive so I'm assuming that when testing courage for being broken if the beast fails then it leaves and it takes all its passengers with it. By the same token, I would assume that I don't have to test for all the individual orcs in the Howdah? The "Battle Platform" rule says that the orcs can't leave the howdah while the beast is alive so if they can't leave, then they can't flee?

Any thoughts?

We also had a lot of debate on whether "It only counts as one" should apply to the total number of models in the army. The rule doesn't really specify this but it does create a lot of confustion. This one really needs a FAQ in my mind. I can really see both sides of this argument.
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Re: The Beasts and Model Count

Postby Smeagol » Sun Apr 01, 2012 10:47 pm

As it charges similar to the Mumak. I would say YES it can charge an engaged model. This also applies to the Mahùd raiders as well.

I believe you are correct about break tests. As for model counting for the Great Beast. I can't help you. It's bought as ONE model with the crew so there is no precedence to go off of. The Mumakil are bought seperate from their riders and the "driver" and mumakil while bought as one entry count as two see rate models, though this is debatable since the wording of the mumak and driver has changed to state that the Mumak is a mount for the chieftain.
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