3 Warbands plus two Models?

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3 Warbands plus two Models?

Postby BaronDeSade » Sun Oct 14, 2012 6:54 pm

Hello All,

After extensive testing, which led to the untimely and humiliating death of many Orcs, I've really come to the conclusion that "support heroes" like Shamen or Wights are too weak to be warband leaders. I've also been dissatisfied with trying to squeeze four warbands out of my army lists, as I then don't get to use the interesting heroes and troops that I like.

And so, today, I hit upon a good compromise, which is three warbands, plus one hero and one warrior. This configuration gives me 41 models, enough to make my break point 21 models, gives me a "drop" where I can put the "support hero" and still gives me enough points in my main warbands that I can use some of the troops I want to.

I'm getting my Easterlings off of the shelf, as we have a tournament coming up, and I've also designed an Isengard army using this strat, so I can do some more field testing next Friday.


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