Fellowship vs. Haradrim and Sauron

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Fellowship vs. Haradrim and Sauron

Postby ukulelelesheep » Thu Sep 03, 2015 11:57 pm

Forgive me: I don't have the most up to date rules, and I'm a little bit shaky on the ones I do know. My opponent also had been taught by me. Some things might be total violations of the rules.

The Line up
The complete fellowship (No cloaks)
3 iron guard

Around 20 haradrim soldiers (1 had a banner)
Suladan mounted
Haradrim chieftan with spear and bow
Sauron (without the ring)

The fellowship have made a wrong turn on their way south, and have wound up in Harad, where a they pass a hostile house of Haradrim. Little do they know that none other than Sauron is staying with them. The dwarves were from a previous scenario I played where the dwarves got slaughtered with Balin escaping alone into his temporary outpost. He emerges to get his revenge.

The fellowship must reach the other right corner on the other side of the board (traveling about 50") with more than half of them surviving. Crushing victory if they all survive, crushing loss is they all get slaughtered.

I had a desert area with lots of shrubs, and a lone building with a couple of ladders leading to the top, along with fences near the building. On the far end (away from the fellowship) the scenery changes abruptly into a grassy area bordered by a long outcrop and a giant log (The only way to get in the grassy area was through a narrow passage in between, the edge that had difficult terrain, or climbing the outcrop) About have the troops, Suladan, and the Hasharin start by the outcrop (being the victors of the last scenario waiting for Balin to come out), and the other half by the building. The fellowship starts on the far end away from the grassy area. Sauron comes on during turn five on the roll of a 4+ (having sensed the the power of the ring as the fellowship draws near, and the dwarves come out on turn 5.

Special Rules
If the ring bearer dies at the hands of Sauron, Sauron gains the one ring rules, and must be killed.

The game

In the beginning turns, the fellowship advanced, with boromir and gandalf being on the right side and the rest of them in the middle. Shots were exchanged between Legolas and the enemy archers. Suladan's forces moved to the building. Legolas killed a couple. A shot hit Legolas and wounded him and his fate failed him. Another shot hit Pippen, but he was saved narrowly by fate. Boromir enraged by this, rushes in other the course of a couple turns. My opponent seeing my forces going to the left side of the building, rushed in with Suladan, and Boromir was surrounded. The dwarves came out. Gandalf goes up the ladder to thee top of the building to get a better vantage point for blasting his enemies (the few archers up there fled). At this time, Sauron emerges. Great fear comes to me. Goaded by Gandalf he climbs up the ladder to the top of the building. Atop this building they have a fantastic battle of magic and weapons. As Boromir is slaughtering all who come before him with his extensive store of might, and safe from any bowfire in combat. He first struck down Suladan's horse, and then he made two wounds on him, automatically striking when Suladan failed his courage test, and finally killing him after several turns of being surrounded and rolling sixes. As all the fighting went on the right side of the building (Balin and the iron guard were doing some great slaughtering), Gimli and Aragorn escorted the hobbits across the left side where they encountered the fence guarded by several troops and the chieftan. Gandalf did a great job of running Sauron's resources low, as they exchanged/resisted spells. Boromir had smote down much of his enemies, but finally his luck betrayed him, and he rolled a high 3, but having only 2 might points remaining, he was then slain. Three soldiers who had slain Boromir then ran to charge Legolas who had been near in a bush shooting arrows when he could. Legolas was then slaughtered ruthlessly.

Aragorn had managed with Gimli to slay all the foes blocking him (even doing a heroic combat). As the hobbits were sneaking away to their objective, Aragorn climbed up the ladder to rescue Gandalf who had used up most of his fate and had a wound from the clutches of Sauron. Aragorn then realized that his life was worth more than saving Gandalf, and subsequently failed his courage test on double ones. He ran away as fast as he could, leaping off the building into the safety of some bushes. Gandalf the next turn blasted Sauron off the building using up the last of Gandalf's will and leaving Sauron with only a little. Gandalf then ran down the ladder to face him again. Aragorn came back. Balin and the remaining iron guard were finishing off the remaining troops. The guard went up the ladder. The next turn he decided he was too good to take the other ladder down to get to Sauron and decided to jump off the ledge, and then dying from the fall. Gandalf was killed by Sauron, although he had done very good.

The only forces remaining were the Hasharin, Sauron, a couple of other troops, the hobbits, Gimli, and Aragorn.

The hobbits and Gimli had traveled through the difficult terrain, They could see their end goal, and they felt hope. And then Sauron came. Aragorn had fought with him, and inflicted a wound on Sauron, but recieved much more vicious in return. He ran to join the Hobbits and Gimli on the outskirts of the board. Gimli advanced towards Sauron. Deep enemies Balin and the Hasharin fought eachother, but then Balin went to fight Sauron. The hasharin decided just to throw knives at him instead (with no fear of wounding Sauron). He and Gimli fought Sauron and managed to wound him! Then the hasharin, next turn threw a knife at Balin, but the knife missed and hit Sauron, and then got a six. And then got a six. And Sauron was wounded again! They kept fighting, but a lone archer (the last of the troops) in the distance who had followed the hobbits shot Pippen, but he survived, and Aragorn shot back and killed him. Gimli and Balin managed to do one more wound on Sauron, but then Sauron fled them the next turn towards the ring, and they realized that their short little legs don't go as fast as Sauron. Sauron then using the last of his will, chilled Merry's soul, and he was slain. Sauron charged Merry, and Aragorn joined the fight, and the dwarves caught up to him. Sauron won the fight and did a sweeping hit and killed Merry who's fate betrayed him. Sauron charged Frodo, and the rest had no choice but to surround him and hope that he did not win the fight. Sauron rolled a high 3! Rolling each member separately (because I didn't have enough dice), I rolled Frodo's two dice (double hits because Sauron was trapped), and he rolled a six and a one. Rolling again, hoping for a high roll, the roll was a four, not enough to wound, but being the mighty hero Frodo is, he spent two points of might, and with Sting and hand, he thrust it into Saurons face, and slayed him. Four members of the fellowship and Balin survived.


Although I hadn't met the requirements of the objective, we decided that it was a victory for me, only because I had slain Sauron, but eitherway, it was a close game. After quite the exciting match, we discussed what we did wrong and stuff, and my opponent said that using Sauron as more of a spell caster would have been more useful. I also think that my oppenent could have kept his troops more in one place, as they were scattered and easier to kill (besides the mosh pit around Boromir). I thought it was a good fun game. There were moments where I definitely thought I was going to win the game, and others where I thought I probably lost it, but it was great. I got to use the fellowship, and my opponent got to use Sauron.
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