Adepticon Team Tournament Summaries

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Adepticon Team Tournament Summaries

Postby Guardian of Ecthelion » Thu Apr 07, 2011 11:14 am

RD 1 Josh and I walk in the room and Jamie tells us we play Frank and Brent, really? who plays who? randomizers says I play Brent and Josh plays Frank. Hind site being 20/20 this worked for us.
Here is our list
List 1 350 pts
Witchknig on Fell Beast
Ringwraith on Fell Beast
Ringwraith on Foot.
Shadow lord on Fellbeast
Ringwraith on Fellbeast Ringwraith on foot
Extra 300 pts
Ringwraith on fellbeast
ringwraith on fellbeast
ringwraith on foot.
I play Brent and 20 Rohirim mix of Riders, Outriders and Erkinbrand (I think) Capture both Oblectives for a major 1 for a minor and table quarters. Really? I only have 3 models. With random dice roll once somebody is broken to see if the game goes on.
We get into combat and the fellbeasts are doing a number on Brents Cav. He kills the ringwaith on foot with archery. After a few rounds of Combat I break him, he has to take courage checks, I have never seen somebody roll so many 7's unfortunately with the Harbingers of Evil rule he needed 8's. If we were at a craps table in Vegas we would both be rich. Again when I did get into combat my dice and the fellbeast were unbelievable. We roll to see how many turns it goes on and it turns out to be four more turns. He starts to run away do to failed courage tests. He killed the other Raith on fellbeast and the fellbeast the witchking was on. In the end the witchking black darted his last model and was an inch away from the objective. WOW. We won a game. Meanwhile on the other table Josh got trounced by Frank.

RD2 --More Rohan lots of Cav. Jeff Reske and Tyler Reconnoitre and messenger model.
This is the only game I thought we had a chance in until I saw the matchup. I think we missed a good opportunity early to move fast forward and it cost us. Jeff passed every courage test he had to make and really nulified our magic. I wiffed on a heroic combat that might have saved the game for us with the witchking in the end the got 3 models off we got 2 with the messenger points. Minor loss w/ bonus points

RD3 Khamul Easterlings with Amdur and Dragon Knight. 61 total models. Play until someone is broke. and COC again. I told josh to go for broke. Get into combat with the fellbeast and see what happens. Its a long drug out fight (at least for us) none of our games lasted an hour. We had 9 models so if they kill 5 we are done. We sap will Khamul until he gets into combat with 1 will left and wounds a wraith but this is one of them that has a fate save and I make it and Khamul poofs away. We are really puting a hurt on the other team and are in the drivers seat. Really? They stand tall and fight till the end when 2 Easterlings with pike suppport wound the Witchking. I have 3 fate save and proceed to roll a 1 a 2 and a 1. Then witch king is dead. If I kill one guy there they are broke, we are going to lose a wraith on fellbeast on the right flank because of lack of will. Now he needs to kill the only guy he is in combat with and does so he poofs and we break and they break with their lone easterling falling.
Draw--COC bonus points

All in all the army was a blast to play. It actually played better than I expected and there were a cooule of time we could have used magic better. We actually won the favorite Army award. Very cool.
WE ended with minor win major loss minor loss and a draw.
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