Trying the new scenario and army builds

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Trying the new scenario and army builds

Postby BaronDeSade » Sat Jan 28, 2012 2:45 pm

Hello All,

Tim and I threw down last night, using the new scenario "Hold Ground" from the new White Dwarf and using the new army build format of one hero to </= 12 warriors. I hadn't known what the rules would be like, so I didn't bring an army, but Tim thoughtfully brought a Good and an Evil force that had been structured to use the new system. I chose Dwarfs, and Tim played his faithful Haradrim.

The game opened with each of us deploying three of our four "squads" onto the table, while one squad sat out for an additional turn. Tim proved luckier than I as he got to place two of his squads where he wanted to, and I was only able to place one where I wanted (with our opponent placing our other squad(s).) The goal was to get troops into the center of the battlefield and break the enemy army. The shorter movement of the Dwarfs and my poor opening position was going to make this tricky! Luck be with you my short friends!

Tim managed to consolidate three of his squads into one fighting force, which gave him a powerful advantage. My three Dwarf squads marched pluckily towards the center, ignoring the poisoned arrows of the Haradrim as best they could. I had my own archers and throwing weapons, and I figured that I could defend the center better once I got there, rather than try and duel the Haradrim at long range. The stalwart Dwarf Captain Baen arrived late with his squad, but he deployed where I wantd him to, so he bravely charged onto the battlefield in front of the Watchers of Karna, his troops throwing axes, so that the rest of the army would have time to reach the center. Tim's Watchers turned and destroyed that Dwarf squad, but lost time and several warriors in doing so.

The three Dwarf squads and the Haradrim reached the center about the same time. The Dwarfs had lost several troops to enemy bowfire, but casualties began to even out now that the Haradrim were in throwing-axe range. My force's hero, the King's Champion, cut down enemies right and left. Tim attempted a couple of heroic fights, bravely, in my opinion, given his tradition of bad luck with those, and I think one of them even worked. The Dwarfs were soon surrounded by the Haradrim as the Watchers entered the battle, and things looked grim for the stunted ones.

Eventually, though, superior Dwarf fighting skill and toughness pushed the Haradrim back from the objective sufficiently that as both forces broke, and the die roll determined that the game had ended, the Dwarfs had one more model close to the center than the Haradrim did, giving the beardy folk the slimmest of victories!

Regarding what I know of the new rules, I like them, A LOT!!! I have always thought that LOTR SBG would be more fun as a squad-based game, but for a variety of reasons, the game had become tilted towards large masses of troops and I am happy to see it being tilted back the other way. To me, the story of LOTR is all about the heroes, and if we wanted to play the War of the Ring, well, GW should write a good set of rules for that :wink: .

I am also delighted that my favorite army, the Easterlings, are getting so much good loving with the new model releases. So many new mounted models!

However, I am crossing my fingers that Easterling Kataphrakts have been reduced in price. 14 points is just too much for what they can do. Khamul's option of upgrading them to Black Knights, as reported in the WD, is a non-starter for me for two reasons. First, spending two points for a point of WS and a point of Courage is not worth it for me. WS is a very conditional attribute and I don't like the idea of paying extra points for what may or may not work for me on the battlefield. Also, I don't think the attribute of Courage gets used enough for me to want to pay extra points for it. This is especially true if they are in a squad with Khamul, who already has a sky-high courage to inspire them with.

Second, Khamul himself does not impress me. His spellcasting is weak, and his fighting skill is not strong enough, IMO, to make up for it. If I want a fighting hero on an armored steed, I can now take Amdur on a steed for cheaper than Khamul would be. Amdur makes his squad better fighters, without spending extra points on them, and he himself is a better fighter than Khamul.

Heck, even the mounted War Priest would be a reasonable choice, given that he could make his whole squad of Kataphrakts fearless, which is better than improved courage, and he costs half as much as Khamul.

Of course, I haven't seen the new rules yet, so I am hoping that Khamul is cheaper or better, and that the Kataphrakts are cheaper or better, but I am just throwing in my .02 on this special rule for the Easterling army that was in the WD. Otherwise, I am very excited. A mounted Dragon Knight would be an awesome killing machine, I think! I will definitely have to buy a set of plastic Kataphrakts as well, just for the modeling possibilities. Mounted Amdur looks powerful, as long as I can keep his horse alive! Mounted War Priest looks good, as putting any hero who has a radius-effect on a mount increases their effectiveness. Not sure I love the idea of dead-Easterling models, but I think that they would make good objective markers.

Love the Orc-Rhino! Goblin-Warg is cool! The Watcher in the Water comes straight out of an anime film, if you know what I mean... I had to laugh that it can come up out of the ground as well. Good; otherwise it would be hard to deploy. I was thinking it should have the same rules for running away that Shelob and the Dragon have, though, as it seems to me it got pretty upset when Legolas shot it in the face. New hero models look good. Interested to find out what the King's Huntsman of Rohan does. Hoping they make a mounted version of that, as it seems like a lot of the recent Rohan models haven't had mounted versions. Knight of the White Tower looks awesome!

Me very happy now! :D


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Postby Gartl » Thu Feb 02, 2012 2:14 am

Nice report Baron.

I liked the report on the new rules.
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