Release the Kraken! (Moria vs. Elves)

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Release the Kraken! (Moria vs. Elves)

Postby Sajii » Fri Feb 03, 2012 7:18 pm

I tried out a game today of Moria vs. Wood Elves using the new books. From the new releases I absolutely adore the Watcher. I'm not sure if he's worth his points, but decided to test him out. I didnt find out until after the watcher was an independent hero (can't take warriors) so my list is illegal.

Captain w/ shield
16 Goblins w/ shield
15 Goblins w/ spear
15 Goblins w/ bow

Might: 6
Models: 50

Robert's list:
Legolas w/ Elven cloak
Around 36ish elves, 12 had bows and all could move 8 inches (yikes!)

Might: 7
Models: 39?


----- Forest
------------------------------ Hill

------- Forest


We shuffled towards each other the first few turns, shooting nerf arrows. Gilgor was with the spearmen while Legolas/Haldir hung back with the bowmen. When his elves reached the hill, I dropped the watcher in the middle of his spearmen, dividing them so only 1/2 were fighting my full goblin army. Robert called a heroic shoot, but I won the roll after countering. Whew! Just saved my watcher from getting badly hurt! I grabbed a few models into combat and killed them, then tried to thin down the elves. A combined attack from Gilgor (Gildor?) and many elves saw the watcher badly wounded over the next 2 turns, with only 1 wound left. By this time the rest of the spear elves had shuffled around the Watcher, but too late; many of the initially divided elves had been killed.

With a last round of shooting, the Watcher was able to pull a wounded Gildor out of combat and kill him, as Haldir and friends finished the Watcher off in combat. The damage had been done however, and the Goblins swarmed over the Elf remnants. The goblins would have a feast tonight!

OVERALL: I like the new rules. The smaller armies are nice, and the game is very dynamic with more heroes. It's definitely more difficult to make an army but much more enjoyable to play! I'm not sure how balanced it is going to be, but for a first game I had a blast.

Watcher kills: Gildor, 12ish elves
While he didn't kill much, the Watcher was able to segregate Robert's army and allow me to overwhelm divided elf segment. Between the watcher and the hill, I prevented all elf direct shooting from killing my poor gobbos, and took him down in combat. As expected, the watcher was killing handfuls of enemies with the tentacles, also helping 'even' out fights with the goblins by pulling off spear support.

I'm not sure he's worth it (especially considering he can't lead any warriors...), but Elves are not the best match up. Equal fight turns into a 50/50 shot, and D6 is lacking which fighting S4 heroes. Still, it was a fun and I can see it being much more deadly against horde armies, such as Goblins/Orcs and the like. I'll have to try him out a few more times!
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