Gondorians against Easterlings: 600 points

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Gondorians against Easterlings: 600 points

Postby BaronDeSade » Fri May 25, 2012 10:12 pm

Hello All,

Gary trotted out his Gondorian army tonight. I enjoy playing against Gondor, as their troops are very much like my Easterlings, so battles tend to be decided more by skill than by special abilities. We played the game Reconnoitre, and I began by having Sergeant Ilhan march forward into the center of the board with four Easterlings Swordsmen and eight Pikemen.

I like this formation and this placement a lot, as the heavy infantry in the center of the board can turn to the right or left flanks as needed, or continue to march down the center. With 13 models having D6, it is a very hard unit to shift, and it's placement in the center doesn't really give any of my game away.

On the right, Captain Tai-Shan, holding a bow and riding an armored horse, emerged onto the table. Tai-Shan oversaw four Easterling Swordsmen, four Archers, two Kataphrakts, a Kataprakt with a banner and a Kataphrakt with a war drum. A squad of Gondorian Knights led by Faramir and hosting a banner appeared on my left flank, and a squad of Gondorian infantry, led by a Knight of the White Tower and hosting a banner, appeared on my right. Each of us had one warband which did not reach the table on turn one, but did come out on turn two.

Faramir's Knights moved forward on my left flank, where my Khandish Chieftain on horse, leading eight Khandish Horsemen and four Axemen, moved out to counter him. Gary's archers emerged in his center and began to volley fire. His infantry on the right flank advanced cautiously, even as Tai-Shan led his own troops forward under the rapid beat of the war-drum.

Gary's archers slowly advanced, volley firing, but I trusted in my heavy armor and ignored them for the most part. As Captain Faramir made it clear that he was going to charge forward on my left flank, my heavy infantry in the center turned left to take him in the flank when he did. My troops on the right flank advanced, firing their bows, and preparing to charge the infantrymen there.

Faramir's charge was stopped cold by the fighting skill of the Khandish Horsemen and Faramir's embarassing failure to dispatch a single Khandish Bowman that was standing in his way. Bereft of their momentum, Faramir's Knights were flanked and massacred, with only one Knight managing to escape and leave the board.

On my right flank, the Easterlings charged in, even though Gary was slowly trying to reinforce his men with the Captain of his archers. Both sides suffered losses, and the Knight of the White Tower embarassed himself by failing an easy Heroic Combat. His archers in the center tried to stop the mass of Easterlings and Khandmen on my left flank, but they were outnumbered and outclassed in melee and quickly disposed of. The Gonorian army broke, and completely fell apart, leaving me with three more victory points than Gary, as each of us had gotten one model off of the board but I had slain Gary's leader.

I think that Gary made a mistake by over-concentrating his archers in one warband. While this gave him the ability to volley-fire, which did cost me a few casualties, it meant that his left and right flanks were suffering from my bowfire and unable to reply in kind, which both weakened them before the melee and meant that they had to get in melee quickly before my bows thinned their numbers too greatly. Leading with his cavalry on the left flank was audacious, but a doomed effort, as I was able to swing my infantry in the center against his flank and focus two warbands against his one. Had he led with his archers instead of his cavalry, I would have been forced to hide my own cavalry while firing back at him, which would have given him much more freedom of movement. Then, when the melee was joined, my infantry center would have been fighting his archers at the same time his cav was fighting my cav, making one-on-one battles instead of the two-on-one battle against his cav. Ironically, this is all of a lesson I learned when first learning to play against him, and I sent my Kataphrakts after his Gondorian archers, only to find my cav defeated. Don't lead with cavalry! :wink:

It was a very good game, though, and I look forward to the next massacre of the fools from the White Tower!


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Re: Gondorians against Easterlings: 600 points

Postby Gartl » Tue Jun 05, 2012 2:53 am

This was a good game, but my absence from the game has certainly dulled my skills. I made a huge error charging in against your cav with my cav and it didn't help that Faramir totally failed me. I really expected my knights to kill a few of your cav on the charge instead of just killing one and having Faramir fail a heroic combat. Oh well, practice will get me back into shape and I will eventually get the new army design rules mastered. Until then, enjoy your victory ;-)
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