Two Easterling vs Rohan Battles

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Two Easterling vs Rohan Battles

Postby BaronDeSade » Sat Oct 20, 2012 11:22 am

I was glad to have the chance to bring out my 39+2 model Easterling force last night. Tim had brought a variety of good forces, and as I hadn't played his Rohirrim for a while, I decided to test their mettle. My three warbands were an warband of infantry led by a captain with a bow, a warband of infantry with four Khandish horsemen led by the trusty sergeant Ilhan, and a warband that was half infantry and half cavalry led by the mighty Tai-Shan. My two additional models were the Easterling War Priest, who has failed me more times than I care to count (yet, I keep giving him chances) and a kataphrakt with a banner.

Tim's Rohirrim build their muscles by throwing spears all day long. There were two warbands of Helmingas with throwing spears and shields, led by Eowyn and Grimbold, and a warband of mounted outriders led by Eomer. The Easterlings had a two model advantage, offset by Eomer being a much better fighter than any of my heroes. Tim concentrated all of his archery fire in one warband, whereas I had mine spread throughout my units. I didn't have throwing weapons, of course, and the strength of the Helmingas was going to negate my usual advantage of heavy armor and shield. On the other hand, the Easterlings were quite good at fighting in depth with their pike troops, while the Helmingas had no spear support. It would be an interesting two games, because of these competing strengths.

The first game was "Lords of Battle," fought on the short table edges. Tim's left flank fled from my right, his cavalry charged down the center against Ilhan's warband, and Eowyn led her Helmingas up a hill on my left, trying to dislodge the archer captain and war-priest from the high ground. My war-priest was in fine form, for a change, successfully casting his spell on only the 2nd try, and saving no fewer than five Easterling warriors with his Fury spell! Eomer's charge against the center failed to break through when Eomer and an Outrider failed a heroic combat against an Easterling swordsman, much to their eternal shame and total disgrace. Tai-Shan and the right flank pursued the fleeing Helmingas, who, now that they were not going to be able to exploit a breakthrough, turned to fight.

Despite my good strategic position and my natural advantages in close combat, I wasn't wounding the Rohirrim often enough, and that gave Tim's forces the time to rally and fight back with their high strength. My troops began to die at a frightening rate, and I was unable to hold my position as my losses mounted. Eowyn slew my archer captain, Ilhan was slain in close combat with Grimbold, and Tai-Shan fell to arrow and throwing spear-fire. Eomer broke through and killed my banner-bearer. Surprisingly, my war-priest proved to be the last hero standing. Good job, priest!

The second battle was "To the Death;" a similar objective but on the long table sides. I deployed my Easterlings into a defensive position, believing that my armor and numbers would allow me to win a shoot-out with the Outriders and that it was better for the throwing-spear soldiers to come to me, rather than to chase them around the board (incidentally, throwing weapons are the reason that I have my archers distributed through my warbands instead of concentrated in one place.) My opening salvo of missiles saw Eomer dismounted and forced to use a point of fate to avoid a wound. The Helmingas were having to attack my position through a rocky valley where their frontage was restricted and, like the Spartans at Thermopalye, I would be able to use my pikes to full effect.

But, as they say, there is many a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip. For reasons I cannot comprehend, the Outriders outshot my right flank, killing my archer captain, even through the Easterling warrior shielding him. On the left, despite having the advantage of pikes, banner and war priest, I again, was not wounding as often as odds say I should have, and so the Helmingas were able to grind me down. Having torn up my right flank, Eomer on foot led the Outriders in an attack that destroyed the remains of my troops there, including Tai-Shan, who couldn't win a fight against Eomer, even when the Easterling Captain charged him on horseback. Unable to contain the breakthroughs, the Easterlings fell apart, and again, the War Priest was the last hero standing.

And so, I would say that I had very bad luck. My infantry wounded Helmingas on a 5+, and my archers wounded Outriders on a 5+, but I just couldn't roll enough 5's to make it work. It's true that the Helmingas were wounding my infantry on a 5+, but his archers needed a 6+ to wound any of my troops, yet they kept doing it. In both games, I kept the Helmingas bottled up in narrow terrain so that many of their warriors stood idle while almost all of mine were fighting. My war-priest was magnificent, shockingly, and my banner was useful, so I think that I generally fought these battles well, but ultimately the dice decide what happen and they didn't like me, for whatever reason. Never the less, this is a good army and I will keep it ready for the upcoming tournament.

Next week, I'll see how well the Uruk-Hai can do.


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Re: Two Easterling vs Rohan Battles

Postby Smeagol » Sat Oct 20, 2012 12:01 pm

Both battles were surprisingly one-sided. That shouldn't have happened. None of my heroes fell in battle, though Eomer and Grimbold were wounded in both fights.
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Re: Two Easterling vs Rohan Battles

Postby Guardian of Ecthelion » Sat Oct 20, 2012 10:43 pm

Sounds like a couple of pretty tough games and with some different die rolls outcomes could have been different.

Nice read.
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