Goblins, Hunter Orcs vs. Men of Khand

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Goblins, Hunter Orcs vs. Men of Khand

Postby BaronDeSade » Sat Dec 22, 2012 2:52 pm

AFTER their brutal defeat by the Rohirrim and their Eagle-friend, the Khandish warriors looked for easier prey. Riding up into the Misty Mountains, they decided to set an ambush for the Goblins who lived there, only to be ambushed themselves...

SCENARIO: Take and Hold

In the North, a band of Khandish infantry followed their Easterling War-Priest onto the table. The Priest raised a channeled prayer to Sauron, but the Dark Lord spurned his pleas with grim laughter. Then, the hapless priest and his warband found themselves attacked on one side by a band of Goblins, led by the fearsome Goblin King, and on the other side, a band of Black Numenorians led by the Dark Marshal himself! Although the Khandish men fought bravely, the Goblin King waded through them, smiting and striking with abandon, while the Goblins and Numenorians prevented their escape. Ultimately, only the priest managed to break free and, hiking up his battle robes, run to the center of the battlefield.

Although a group of Khandmen led by a chieftain on a chariot arrived to help the priest, they were too late, and the chieftain found himself surrounded and beaten down by the indefatigable Goblin King.

In the East, Khardush the Firecaller had the misfortune to arrive alongside two Khandish cavalry warbands and one infantry warband, this one with a priest whose prayers were actually answered. Khardush and his Orcs knew that it was unlikely that they could survive against those odds, but they did have a mighty Mordor troll in their party, too.

As the Khandmen charged in, Khardush led his Orcs around the flank of an attack, attempting a heroic fight that would allow him to attack the enemy cavalry in the rear. Sadly, he flubbed the attack, and only ended up on his own rear as a result. Khandmen pressed in, sometimes injuring the troll, but more often being squashed into jelly by the monster's sledgehammer-fists. Finally, they had the beast surrounded, and the Khandish King charged in with his chariot to finish him off.

A moment later, the Khandish King found himself flying through the air, his chariot disintegrating around him, knocking down his own soldiers and his war-priest, until he slammed into a stone wall and broke a couple of ribs. As he staggered to his feet, he muttered, “Must remember...no more attacking trolls in a chariot...”

Eventually, though, numbers overcame the troll and he fell. His master, Khardush, joined him a moment later, and the Dark Marshal felt a single pang of regret that he had not thought to sacrifice the doomed Orc before he died.

In the South, a band of Goblins led by their diminutive captain and aided by a fierce Uruk Captain of the Black Guard marched towards the center. Another Khandish Chieftain in a chariot intercepted them, but one heroic fight later, found himself slain by the Uruk Captain. The Goblins were then swarmed by Khandish Cavalry and the now-dismounted Khandish King, and the brave Uruk went down fighting, a curse for Khand on his lips.

The men of Khand had now secured the Eastern and Southern regions of the board and were now marching to occupy the center. From the north came the Goblin King and the Dark Marshal, and from the West came two evil warbands who had not seen combat yet: one of Hunter Orcs led by Narzug and another of Goblins led by Grinnah.

The two forces crashed together in the center of the board. Although the Khandmen were broken, the prayer of the War-Priest was keeping them together. The Hunter Orcs then leaped into combat with the Khandish infantry and began to nearly effortlessly scythe through them. Although the men of Khand were better fighters than the Orcs, the Orcs had more attacks and the inspiration of the Dark Marshal behind them, and their strength was sufficient to slice through the Khandish armor with ease.

Sadly for the men of Khand, their army fell apart under the repeated blows of the Dark Marshal's force. The Ringwraith sapped the War-Priest of will, ruining his Fury spell. Their King abandoned the battlefield and fled. The Goblin King seemed an unstoppable force of nature, for even when his foes could land a strike on him, his blubber deflected the wound.

The Khandish army conceded, leaving the Dark Marshal's forces in control of the field.

THOUGHTS: The Goblin King is insanely good. He is a hero who is also a monster who is also a very effective attacker who gets a saving throw like a space marine!

Tim had high hopes for his heroes on chariots, and while the chariots are powerful upgrades to heroes, they suffer from the standard weaknesses of cavalry. They are definitely risky to use when going up against monsters.

Hunter Orcs are great! Goblins are good if they can gang up on the enemy and mass their attacks. I should have been “feinting” with all of my Goblins, but I forgot to.

Mordor Trolls are very good now.

Tim and I played a second game after this one. The second was “To the Death,” and it was a more straightforward battle-line against battle-line combat. I placed my Goblins in the center and my more elite units on the flanks. Tim played with his Haradrim this time, and his battle-line was made up of the Abrakhan Guard, backed up by Serpent Guard spearmen and Watchers of Karna on the flanks.

The Goblins proved to be lousy front-line troops and were slaughtered in droves. My Hunter Orcs proved to be inferior combatants against the Watchers of Karna. I lost a lot of troops quickly, and once my army was broken, The Golden King made the Goblin King run. I conceded.


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Re: Goblins, Hunter Orcs vs. Men of Khand

Postby BrentS » Sat Dec 29, 2012 4:32 pm

Thanks for posting. Sounds like the monster rules will be fun to use!
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Re: Goblins, Hunter Orcs vs. Men of Khand

Postby Smeagol » Sun Dec 30, 2012 12:27 am

Monsters are a lot stronger until we learn how to take them down. Cavalry are flat out nerfed by them. I'm very pleased with my Haradrim's performance. Still working out the bugs in the Khandish Warriors.
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