Two battles

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Two battles

Postby BaronDeSade » Sat May 04, 2013 12:10 am

And so a warband of thirteen High Elves, swordsmen and bowmen, led by their brave Stormcaller champion and his personal standard bearer, marched into the gloomy realm of Angmar to hunt the monster Guluvar. After searching high and low, and then, even lower, in the dead kingdom, they were rewarded when the dread beast came roaring at them. They shot their arrows and one wounded Guluvar, but he quickly regenerated the wound by gulping down a hapless Elf. Then, the Elf Stormcaller stepped up and summoned a powerful gust of wind that knocked the demon down. The Elves rushed forward to slay the beast, but even on his knees, Guluvar outfought them. Even after successfully blasting the demon down three times, the Elves could not harm the beast. And so, it gobbled up the Elves, until only two swordsmen remained. Yet, these two were the bravest and most skilled of their warband, and, working together in the best tradition of Elladan and Elrohir, they outfought the demon and smote his ruin upon the plains of Angmar! Points to my High Elf Warband!

Then, five warbands of Dwarf Rangers faced off against five warbands of my Uruk-Hai in the battle of Domination. As the Isengard troops rushed forward, a near-blizzard of throwing axes sang out towards them, toppling the mighty Isengard Troll and their fell hero Ugluk. There was much rejoicing amongst the Dwarfs until the Uruk-Hai Ferals and Berserkers ran riot through the Dwarfs' flanks, butchering them with gusto. Although the elite Ironguard of the Dwarfs broke through the center of the Isengard lines, it was for naught, as the Isengard troops refused their interior lines and shredded the remaining Dwarfs. Although the mighty commander of the Uruks fell, the Dwarfs were torn down to a quarter of their force while Isengard remained unbroken. Crushing victory to my Uruks!

Needless to say, my opponent Tim was not happy with this outcome, but the Dwarfs are simply not a good match when fighting the Uruks in a battle-line. I did have my share of good luck, and Vrasku was absolutely smoking as he tore through Dwarfs left and right.

Glory to Isengard! Glory to the White Hand!

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