Where Has Army Composition Gone?

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Postby muwhe » Fri Apr 17, 2009 11:28 pm

Astronomicon is long standing event. In fact at one point I thought they had a few of these in Canada.

With the merger of all Canada and America operations .. Astronomicon and Adepticon will be sharing the same "pool" so to speak.

They have had a "Comp" system since well since back in 3rd edition when Comp was pretty common .. with the whole 40% troops etc.. formulas.

Whether or not the "Comp" system works ..or not .. doesn't really matter .. As this most certainly would not work for AdeptiCon.. "Composition judging will be done in advance of the event. Army lists must be submitted for composition judging no later than one month prior to the event."
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Postby Primarch » Fri May 01, 2009 1:07 pm

I once got dinged on my sportsmanship in a RTT event for the following,

I had a unit of assault Marines charge a unit of Eldar Guardians. I was WS4, he was WS3. So I tell him before rolling, that I hit on 3s. He stops me, and claims that no, I hit on 4s.

This is a basic rule of the 40k game system. So I point the rules out to him in the rulebook. All of this is done in a very polite manner on BOTH sides. So after he sees it, he agrees, and we proceed.

Only later when I talked to the judge, the individual dinged me on sportsmanship for pulling the rule book out, instead of handling the rules discussion in a manner other than that.

Now, I'm not sure what other manner he had in mind, but if you attend an RTT, you should already know the basic rules of the game.

Also, I know this has been said above, but when a guy tells you before the game about how cool and fluffy your army is, then 3 rounds later when he's been tabled, he starts filling out your sportsmanship and comp, a lot of times, he "forgets" his earlier assessment, and decides your army must have been cheesy after all.

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