AdeptiCon 2009 Thanks!

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AdeptiCon 2009 Thanks!

Postby muwhe » Sun Apr 12, 2009 1:15 pm

Ok … Finally recovered from the pace of the Convention Weekend.

First off, thanks to all of our attendees without which AdeptiCon would not exist. The combination of returning faces and new attendees continues to take AdeptiCon to new heights.

I think it was clear last year that the vast majority of the complaints had to do with the venue, food and parking costs in 2008. With AdeptiCon 2009 now in the books.. I think it’s pretty safe to say that the AdeptiCon council members worked hard in 2009 to address those concerns. The Westin Lombard exceeded my expectations and looks to be a good home for AdeptiCon in the years to come.

What was again abundantly clear in 2009 was we have some of the best most dedicated staff involved in all aspects of AdeptiCon.

Special thanks to:

Paul Long, Dennis Johnson, Barbara Sparks, Dianne Edley, Kari Houle, Sean Overton and everyone else that worked registration over the weekend.

Matthias Weeks, Brian Parisi, Greg Sparks, Bill Kim, Joe Adams, Chris Mehrstedt, Dave Cresswell, Lucas Como, Dave King and all the 40K event and rules staff the worked over the weekend.

Marty Gaska, his family and the rest of the Warhammer Fantasy Crew. Who every year make a difficult task of running a slate of events look easy and smooth.

Rich Nelson and Jaime Welling for taking the Specialist Gaming areas and Lord of the Ring to new heights.

Tim Kulinski and the rest of the Warhammer Historical guys for once again coming out and growing the Warhammer Historical side of the convention.

John Peletis for having some faith and bringing Blood Bowl back to AdeptiCon. Looking for great things to come in future years.

Merle Delinger and Tim Wright for taking the reins and running some fantastic Trafalgar demos on short notice.

Dave Pauwels, Chris Borer and everyone involved with the Hobby Seminar and Rogue Demon painting competition.

Damien Garcia for once again taking one day .. and helping out gamers at Adepticon with the Miniature Medic service.

Everyone that had a hand in making 96+ tables of the best 40K tourney terrain to be found any place …a special thanks to the man in the “thong” Brett Malone from Capital city Games in Springfield IL.

The list of folks to thank is monsterous….but to everyone that had a hand in making AdeptiCon happen or who grabbed some buddies this year and made the journey to attend. Thanks for making AdeptiCon 2009 the best one yet!

We got some special things planned for AdeptiCon 2010. Over the next few weeks we will be working out the details as well as hopefully recharging the batteries. Coverage for AdeptiCon 2009 will be making it’s way to the website. We will also begin forming the AdeptiCon Council for 2010 for those interested in helping for the new year please contact us at

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