X Wing Miniatures Store Tourney

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X Wing Miniatures Store Tourney

Postby Shawn-C-Carroll » Fri Jul 24, 2015 12:22 pm

A south suburbs store is hosting it's first Xwing Mini Game tourney next month.

Hey guys, here's the info:
http://www.meetup.com/Amazing-Fantasy-F ... grp&rv=ea1

This will be our first X-Wing event! This is the summer tournament as offered by Fantasy Flight. Prizes include all promotional materials that Fantasy Flight provides, the breakdown is listed below.

This will be a three round tournament. Each round will be 60 minutes long. Players will need to bring a 100 point squadron with them. $10.00 entrance fee.

Here's the prize breakdown:

Participation prize: recon spec.
4th: Evade tokens, dice bag, recon spec.
3rd: Evade tokens, dice bag, recon spec.
2nd: Evade tokens, dice bag, recon spec, dash rendar
1st: Evade tokens, dice bag, recon sepc, dash rendar, and a special medal!

We are super excited to finally be able to offer this special event for X-Wing players!
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