D-Weapon Blast Wound Allocation

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D-Weapon Blast Wound Allocation

Postby Lord Krungharr » Sun Mar 02, 2014 5:30 pm

Hello, mainly for the Exterminatus Event, how will D-blast wound allocation be said to function?

A few schools of thought are out there:

1) D weapon rules say each model hit rolls a D6 on the table and takes that result. So this would mean D-blasts do not follow normal wound allocation, and if a model suffers say 12 wounds from rolling a 6 and then a 6 on the table, none of those wounds would carry over to anyone else. But then could that model's wounds be Look Out Sirred? Or could the result as a whole be Look Out Sirred on a single roll?

2) All models hit roll their respective results, total it up into a single wound pool for the unit since all D wounds are the same, and then allocate normally starting with the model closest to the firer.

3) All models hit roll their respective results, but then each type of result (1's, 2-5's, and 6's) gets their own 'result pool'. Then each result gets allocated by the firing player as per normal rules, but no single result can affect more than 1 model.

This shows how poorly GW is at writing rules these days. I did notice the Vortex rules say 'use Barrage' style wound allocation for Vortex blasts, which suggest a wound pool of some sort is in order. But I don't feel that a blast hitting say 8 models, should be able to cause more than 8 deaths. So Option 3 above does seem to somehow make sense. And I feel that though slightly dissimilar, the FAQ about Swarms and Instant Death from templates is somehow applicable, in the sense that the doubling of wounds from a Template weapon does NOT cause double the Swarm models to die. So I guess that would be my vote, though it still doesn't strictly satisfy BRB style wound allocation.
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