40k Champs Clarification

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40k Champs Clarification

Postby 00Enron » Mon Mar 16, 2015 4:10 pm

Can someone please give me a little clarity on what is allowed at the 40k champs as far as armies.

 0-1 Combined Arms Detachment
 0-1 Allied Detachment (may ignore Primary Detachment Faction restriction, see below)
 Any number of unique Codex Detachments*
 Any number of unique Formations presented in a Data Slate*

Whats the difference between a "unique codex detachment" and an "allied detachment".

For example is this legal

Space marine-Allied
Legion of the Damned-Data slate?

Let me know.
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Re: 40k Champs Clarification

Postby Chubs » Mon Mar 16, 2015 5:04 pm

Going out and saying that a unquie codex detachment typically don't have the objective secured rule for starters...lots of the newer codecs have unquie detachments....

Harlequin... Hive fleet liviathan...Inquisitor... Tempest scions.... Orks... Darl Eldar... Nids... Wolves... Champions of Finnerest....

Formations are outside the force org, typically very structured what is taken. Detachments are typically more free in design.
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