Guard Allied with Daemons

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Guard Allied with Daemons

Postby Lord Krungharr » Thu Aug 16, 2012 11:09 pm

I've been itching to make something new, and although the new Chaos book is nearly here, I don't think it will be here in time for my Beaky Con 2012 army list to be due. So I'm thinking long range firepower of Imperial Guard alllied to my Daemons might be a good way to go. I haven't written a list yet with 1,999 or less properly added points, but I'm thinking something like this would be fun and potentially very effective on the table.

Primary Detachment: Daemons

HQ: Bloodthirster
HQ: Lord of Change
Elites: 2 units of Flamers (much cheaper now!)
Troops: 2 units of Plaguebearers, maybe a unit or 2 of minimum Horrors/Bolt
FA: Screamers x 5 if I have points left, although not on my probable list

Fortifications: Aegis Defense Line, possibly the Quad Gun too, but with 2 Vector Striking Flying MCs perhaps overkill

Allied Imperial Traitorous Guard:

HQ: Company Command Squad with Master of Fleet (or is it Astropath I get +1 to my reserves?) and Master of Ordnance
Troops: Vet Squad with plasma (probably in Chimera?)
Troops: Platoon Command w Lascannon
Infantry w Lascannon x 2
Special Weapons w Demo Charges
maybe heavy weapons lascannon teams
Conscripts to bubble wrap my missile-altar tank of death somewhere in the backfield
Elites: Sly Marbo
FA: Vendetta
Heavy: Manticore or Deathstrike (probably Manticore)....the Medusa with Bastion Breach shells is also very appealing although the shorter range and requiring line
of sight is worrisome. Since the blast strength is always 10 now that makes the D3 blast of each Manticore missile more appealing. I'm building an altar-
like tank platform to put whatever gun/missile rack I want on there. The Deathstrike is very Chaos, but I also want to be able to fire something during
the game!

What do you guys think about something like that? I can throw some Flamers in the Infantry squads for Overwatch. I can get some Camo nets maybe for better cover saves. And there's a bunch of pie-plate death too if the Special Weapons ride up in a Vendetta and Demo Charge some Terminators or anything else. I also like the way the Guard can have a bunch of little scoring units in a single Troops choice. That could help get objectives.

Any help is much appreciated!
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