Gladiator Winner Army Lists

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Gladiator Winner Army Lists

Postby Lord Krungharr » Sun Apr 21, 2013 10:45 pm

I was wondering if anyone knew what kinda stuff the Gladiator winners had in their armies? I think 1st and 2nd place were both Grey Knights and Imperial Guard Allies, but not positive on that.

It was a fun Gladiator tournament this year, not as many players as I was expecting, but overall it seemed like people were having more fun, at least in the tables around where I was. Maybe it was the 3 game format, making for less stress and pressure to complete games in short times. And there was some vodka circulating, maybe that helped :)

I was also wondering is there anywhere that shows the final standings in the various tournaments? It would be nice to compare our results to previous years.

The first game vs Dark Angels Deathwing, my Spawn and JuggerLord defeated 8 Deathwing Knights and Belial, then to get plasma blastgunned whilst crossing the battlefield, though my lowly cowardly Cultists pulled out the victory by running in from the edge for table quarters. I didn't win my 2nd or 3rd games, but my Lord of Change exploded an Ork Stompa after it D-blasted my 2 Chaos Lords and Spawn; so far,that was my great vengeful triumph of the year! Then the 3rd Kill Point game was real tough, dealing with like 40 krak missiles per turn (plus 5 lascannons and bolters) from the most shooty Space Wolves army I've ever seen. If only Scabiethrax was able to waddle 12" instead of a mere 6". Oh well, maybe they won't nerf Angraath and I can use him for next year.
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