Tyranids in 6th

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Tyranids in 6th

Postby YeezyMozart » Mon Jul 23, 2012 1:53 pm

What would you take in a Tyranid Army?

I am interested in opinions out there since I am going to be starting a Tyranid army again and I have some issues deciding what to take.

Harpy is it worth it?

Deathleaper vs Doom? Who is better or are neither really worth it?

Whats the best troop?

Swormlord. In or out?

To be honest I find myself making good points for any position.

:mrgreen: I am curious what everyone else thinks?
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Re: Tyranids in 6th

Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Mon Jul 23, 2012 4:55 pm

I had a long reply that got erased. Here is the short version.

Harpies - no. Weakest flyer and no good weapons.

The Doom rules in this edition. Take the psychic power shriek and you get two chances to kill models with the 3d6 leadership power.

Tervigon got a big boost this editon and Genestealers went south. Tervigons with 3 rolls on the Biomancy powers table are very nformidable. I like 3 of them. That way you get a rainbow of powers. The Iron Arm Tervigon charges forward. The Enfeeble Tervigon stays back and the third one follows his powers.

Enfeeble rules in thism edition with bugs. Tyranids have a plethora of str 6 weapons which can instant kill all toughness 4 models after they get enfeebled. Enfeeble Nob Bikerzs twice and lay into them with twin linked devourers to instant kill them.

The Swarmlord is great with 4 Biomancy rolls and able to cast 2 a turn, but devourers flyrants might be better overall.

West coast guys really like the Parasite with 20 Gargoyles, but he can be challenged by a stronger character.

A unit of two Primes attached to 3 Carnifex's with devourers is almost unkillable, especially with Endurance cast on them.

Tr - 3 Tervigons, poison, furious charge, 3 rolls on Biomancy = 210x3= 630pts
Tr - 20 Termagnats = 100pts
Tr - 20 Termagants = 100pts
Tr - 15 Devourer Gants = 150pts

This is a good start for a horde list.

HQ - Tyrant, wings, hive commander, 2x devourers = 285pts
HQ - Tyrant, wings, 2x devourers = 260pts

El - Doom in pod = 140pts
El - 3 Hive Guard = 150pts
El - 3 Hive Guard = 150pts

Take this to Nova and dominate. Or take the troops and add this instead.

HQ - Prime, 2x boneswords, poison = 100pts
HQ - Prime, 2x boneswords, poison = 100pts

Hv - 2 x Carnifex with double devourers = 380pts
Hv - 2 x Carnifex with double devourers = 380pts
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