Thoughts from my first Adepticon experience

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Thoughts from my first Adepticon experience

Postby AgeOfEgos » Mon Apr 06, 2009 12:32 pm

Our team was Opposing Force and for all of our members it was our first trip to Adepticon. Thus, we didn't rightly know what to expect in our first big tournament (and we suspected it would be mayhem!) and each of us were shocked at how well organized it was.

We got back late last night and I wanted to type my reactions out before I forgot to give thanks. The hall was setup and ready to rock the night before and the amount of terrain was staggering. Anyone that has made terrain can appreciate the time sink it turns out to be and given the amount on the tables I can't fathom the amount of work that went into it. Big kudos to that group that tackled that beast, as it looked great!

The setup of the hall was accomodating, with registration clearly marked out and the amount of swag we received in our bags was staggering. I expected a mini at most and the amount of items we were given paid for the badge (and then some!). That was a great surprise and every member of our group commented on it.

As to the events, I participated in the Combat Patrol and Team Tournament (as did another member of our team, AshAxe). We were hoping the Combat Patrol would be a way to get our feet wet in the scoring system (and surroundings). It turned out to be a blast and each opponent I played was laid back, friendly and made each game fantastic. Well, to be honest my second game I ended up playing one of the guys I drove up with! So we played each other...using lists we had play-tested numerous times before..and got a big draw out of it. Shocking :).

The team tournament armies were fantastic and there were so many cool themes and good looking armies, it would take a small book to type them out. However, armies aside, I would like to specifically thank Greg and Hank for being accommodating with our display and questions. Each time I asked any question, I received prompt help from both. They went out of their way to make sure our experience was a good one and I speak for each of our team members when I say thanks. Considering the amount of questions they were being faced with, their promptness was no small feat. They deserve all the kudos they receive, as they helped run one absolutely fantastic event!

The excitement of the day kept us going on Saturday, until that last 4th game. By that fourth game Saturday, our team was utterly exhausted. Given it seemed our earlier games were cut a bit short due to time allotments, have you guys ever considered a full 3 games and an earlier last game in place of 4 shorter games and a late last game? It seemed by the time we found our table, exchanged army lists, discussed terrain and bullshit a bit..we were a bit rushed. However, this is a reflection, not a critique as I have no idea to how many games is needed to differentiate teams in terms of scoring. I could be getting old too (Or bullshit to much before the game)!

Overall? A blast and no doubt we'll be making the trip back up in a years time. Thanks again for hosting such a great event and thanks to all the teams we played for the great, friendly games. I would like to point out one team (I believe the team name was Dorks with Orks?) you guys rock. Hardest I laughed all day and you guys would be welcome in our gaming group any day. Thanks for the great game.

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